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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day 274/366

There is usually one area of a photograph that is better focused than the rest (most likely to be the centre).

The unusual structure of some of our native  flowers fascinates me.
This is a banksia brush in a floral arrangement that our Eldest Son and his Fiancée gave us as a 'thank you' during their recent stay with  us.
   Perhaps it's been coloured by the florist because it's a colour I haven't seen before in a banksia.
But then again, some banksias brushes are more favoured by florists than others because of their offbeat colour.
The wirey bits in the photograph remind me of the hairpins by Mum used in her hair during the sixties and seventies when she'd pin her long locks into a "bun".
I also had the odd occasion to have hairpins stuck into my hair, usually when I was bridesmaid to one of my cousins or aunts.
My sister, my cousins and I would spend hours at the hairdressers getting our hairdos done.
So much hair spray or lacquer was used to hold up our hair that I doubt the hair pins did much at all!

And here is the original photograph before it was cropped.


  1. Yes I remember those trips to the hairdressers. You wear told to close your eyes while the stylist liberally sprayed this foul smelling lacquer all over your head, so that your hair was stiff and crunchy.
    Worse than that, tho, was sleeping with rollers in. I have naturally curly hair, but my Mum would love to encourage it into ringlets with "rags", at least they were soft!
    My mum had a hair net with tiny little pearl beads, which would house her bun.

    1. Kath, I 've got very curly hair too and I used very large rollers to try and straighten my hair a bit and they were very uncomfortable. I got the heated rollers after I got married so only had to have them in for a short time. Now I keep my hair VERY short to avoid the curls!
      And yes, my mum had one of those nets too!

  2. Lovely detailed photo of the banksia.
    We've still got a house full of hair pins as my daughter is a dancer and I find them all over the house. She leaves the house for class or performances in a cloud of strong hairspray too :)

    1. So Helen, it seems those days are not over for you then!

  3. That banksia looks a little like a pussy willow. Do you have those there SP? - Dave

    1. Yes Dave, we do have pussy willow in Australia, and I agree it looks similar to the banksia but they are entirely different in nature. In fact the pussy willow is considered a weed in Australia. http://stca.tas.gov.au/weeds/wild-pussy-willow-%E2%80%93-a-ticking-time-bomb/


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