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Monday, 3 September 2012

Day 247/366

Day 247...where has the year gone?!
Busy, busy, busy.
For those interested, here is our soap, all cut and ready to be sent on to our customers.

When we returned from our holiday the house smelt like heaven.
We sell most of our soap in bulk lots but I do wrap and label individual cakes too to give as gifts.
We started using the soap about two weeks ago and we're very happy with this batch.
I was bit worried as we had to change the oil used because we couldn't source the brand we were using previously.
This is lavender soap with lavender flowers added.
We also made a batch of baby soap with lavender and chamomile.
My most favourite is our Rose Petal Soap made with essential oil of Rose Geranium.
That's next on the soap making agenda.


  1. Wow!! I didn't know you made soap?! Love the picture!!

  2. No nor did I!

    You'll laugh, but before I opened up this post full size, I thought these were rows of mini-battenburg cakes.

    Must be my low fat diet addling my brain ....LOL

    1. Kath, these are certainly not low fat! Sorry if my pic is mis-leading lol.

  3. You sound like very industrious people SP. What sort of customer buys your soap - craft people or is it used in hotels etc? - Dave

  4. Dave, we sell our soap to people who may have sensitive skin or to those that don't want to use harsh chemicals on their skin. We make pure soap from vegetable oil with essential oils to scent it. Basically it's soap just like our great grandparents to used to make!


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