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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Day 267/366

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Lavender Bay
At Sunset.

Being here today made me realise how much of Sydney I have not seen, even though I have lived in and around Sydney all my life.
I have never seen Sydney Harbour Bridge in daylight hours from this side before.
It certainly looks more crowded and busy from the north side!

24 September 2012:  Well I'm not great with directions.
Mr Honey Pie tells me that yes, I was standing on the north-side of Sydney (i.e. North Sydney), but this photograph is of the west face of Sydney Harbour Bridge. (The sun was setting behind me).
So - please accept my apologies for any confusion I may have caused by the above description.
Normally, I view the bridge from Circular Quay and then I'm looking at the east face of the bridge.
It is all a little confusing for me...yes I have seen the bridge from this side, before, and it was at night.
Anyway, enjoy the view!


  1. Wow beautiful shot!!! Looks like a postcard!!

  2. Catching common-place locations in a different light can give a whole new pesrpective. This photo does that SP. Good one - Dave

  3. It's a great photo of our famous landmark, I like how it is taken from a different direction to the usual shots.


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