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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Chocolate Overload - A Family Celebrates.

In the last four weeks, our Daughter celebrated her 37th Birthday, First Son turned 40, my Baby Sister turned 50 and my Mum, 79.
Not to forget, Niece 'M' turned six years of age and Step-Niece 'A' 21.
In amongst shingles and 'flu we have managed to carry on with celebrations, although poor Mr Honey Pie missed a family get-to-gether to celebrate First Son's engagement last weekend.  (One more thing to celebrate!)
Fiftieth Birthdays are celebrated with gusto in my family of origin so we have a great night of celebration about to begin.
Have you ever tried to organise accommodation for sixteen people?
Five sister, their partners and children and our Mum are about to have the time of our lives.

Here is a peak at our accommodation in lovely Leura in the Blue Mountains.

The house is called Darjeeling House.

The number of bathrooms is too many to count, as are the bedrooms.
Little nooks with armchairs are everywhere, along with a TV room, a lounge room with fire, little alcoves with extra beds, lots of warm floor rugs, interesting vintage items and warm timber everywhere you look.
I've had a little walk through the garden with its flowering cherry trees and bulbs. 
But it is cold and it's time to get a fire going to keep us warm.

How do you celebrate your family
'Big' Birthdays?


  1. My birthday and Mums are 3 days apart, so there is always a family lunch with presents, cards and balloons :-)
    The year I was 40 and Mum was 60, we had a big party where Husband made a hige chocolate cake iced with 100 and studded with different types of chocolates!

  2. Wow nice place!!! Happy Birthday to all!!

  3. What a divine looking cake, Sweet Pea, belated birthday wishes to the celebrating mutitude! Darjeeling House looks lovely, thank you for the great photos.
    We have a big birthday year coming up in 2 years time, I'll be 50, my husband 60, my mother-in-law 90 and my daughter 20...all the "0"s. There will be some family get together in March for the 90th with the overseas sisters-in-law coming to stay and we will celebrate it all with lots of food - including chocolate :)

  4. Looks like the "O"s have it! Next year we have another 40th and 60th and my mum turns 80...always a good excuse for celebration and lots of chocolate! Helen, sounds like you're planning well in advance...good luck with it all.


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