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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day 266/366

Is is a coincidence that my orchid should bloom on Spring Equinox?
Usually, they bloom early September but the last two it's been later.
I know this because I usually cut a spike to give to my mother for her birthday on the 15th September, but she's missed out for two years in a row now.


  1. This is stunning!
    A wonderful shot and beautiful orchid flowers.

  2. I agree ladies. Sweet Pea your photographs shows off these stunning flowers beautifully :)
    (Apologies if you get 2 similar comments from me, I was having computer problems and lost everything I posted on your photos :(

  3. Well, this all happened quite by accident. I was photographing the orchids to sell on a garage sale site I belong to and wasn't at all fussy about the photo. The plant was mostly in shade with a few slants of sun falling on the flowers. I did crop the photo and darkened it a bit. I liked the effect. Now I'm thinking I can use shade and light to my advantage in future. I'm hoping that it's a case of learning through my mistakes? Thanks to you all for your lovely comments.


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