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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thrifty Thursday.

Wow, what a week it's been for bargains.
First, I picked up this little herbal from a church stall in Springwood, signed by the authors and only two dollars!
Below the herbal you can see two great text books from the mid 1800s.  The top text is titled The Study of Rocks which I will give to my First Son, who is a geologist.  The other text is titled Elementary Botany which I will give to my Second Son who is a jewellery designer and maker.  He is also an avid botanist and is often inspired to design pieces of jewellery with a botanical theme.  I found these at the local Lifeline store and the two cost me thirteen dollars.
On Tuesday I took a trip to Reverse Garbage at Marrickville with Second Son and just look at these finds:
Although the gold lined coffee set isn't quite my style, I certainly was taken in by all that glittering gold and at twelve dollars simply couldn't resist. 
Also loved the two little creamers for two dollars each, the one on the left is a Queen Anne piece and the on the right is from Germany. 
And my whole reason for going to reverse garbage?  To pick up some cotton fabrics for my  Hexagon Quilt Top but only managed to find a small amount suitable for patchwork which you can see on the top left of the image.
Also found zippers, twenty five cent each!!! These will be suitable for making little zipper bags.  I think my best find was the swatches and swatches of the most exquisite cottons and silks.  The cottons include a crepe voile and an antique satin.  I stuffed a bag full of these fabrics, and it cost me the grandly sum of five dollars.
But now, I'm left with the problem of making the decision of what to make with these beautiful fabrics.  
Are the fine cottons suitable for making a patchwork quilt?  
I know I could make some very desirable zipper bags which could be used for cosmetics, a bag organizer, etcetera.  Or I could make a patchwork dress for my Grand Daughter.
The colours of the cottons are mostly creams and off whites with a few muted greens thrown in.  So very neutral.
If you can help with ideas for projects for these fabrics, I'd be more than delighted to hear about them.
Aren't the silks just gorgeous?  They include a crepe Georgette.  Most are one hundred percent silk.

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