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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

No Barrier.

What I'm Reading ATM.

The chaos of Bligh's Botany Bay is calmed with the arrival of the new Governor, Lachlan Macquarie, but by the end of the book, although much progress is made in the new colony, Governor Macquarie finds himself dogged by rebelliousness and suspicions from just as many quarters as his predecessor.
I settled quickly into this book, eager to learn what is ahead for the colourful characters in the narrative, some factual, some fictional.  The language in the final volume is  mellower than in the previous ones.  The main characters become much more the focal point of the writing.  They become more developed as human beings, less clamorous, less unruly.
And Dark is no longer beleaguered by the need to 'set the record straight', as it were. 
And as European settlement seeks greener pastures over the Great Dividing Range, the divide between Indigenous and white settler continues to widen.
No Barrier is the final book in the Timeless Land Trilogy.
The conclusion leaves me feeling deprived...I want to know more, I want to continue reading.  Reading about the beginnings of a locality that is the background of my birth and where I have lived ninety five percent of my life has left me enthralled. I have become educated as to the origins of place names, discovered that the settlements west of Sydney, (the beginnings of the Western Suburbs now somewhat frowned upon by the upper echelons of Sydney society), were once a lifeline for Botany Bay. 
Most of all, I am captivated by the charm,inspiration, fortitude and at times pique of the founders of this city, state and country in which I live and saddened by disturbing effects on its Indigenous inhabitants.

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