A Day In The A Blue Mountains.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I welcome you to take your time and browse , visiting my bush garden and discovering the wonders of my city within a national park; Blue Mountains National Park. Via my blog you will travel with me through the successes, trials and tribulations of gardening on a bush block. I share with you my patchwork & quilting, knitting, paper crafts, cooking and life in general.

Patchwork & Quilting Gallery

My First Ever Quilting & Patchwork Project.
Table Runner, Designed by K. Coyne.  Fabric choice was my own, Pellon batting, hand quilted.  Started way back when, completed early this year!

Table Runner, detail.
My First Ever Patchwork Quilt.
A Pretty Sampler.  My favourite colour combination is green and pink.  My Honey Pie helped me with the tree  block, cutting out the papers for me, on his sign making computer.  Hand appliqued and quilted.

Detail of hand quilting of my first quilt.

Border detail.
My next project was this handbag.
Pellon batting, again, designed by K. Coyne and made from two squares of fabric.  I have used a vintage button to finish off.
Well, by now I was hooked...
so when I ran into a woman at our local Bluegum Market at the local state school selling scraps of novelty fabrics for two dollars a bag I couldn't resist and this is what eventuated...designed (well sort of) this quilt and once more, hand quilted.  Eventually, (in 2006) it ended up in the U.K. where my daughter was living at the time.  It has since returned to Australia.

The woman who sold me the novelty print fabrics used to make gowns for surgeons, in blue, purple, green , etcetera. This is what creates the frame of each block.  As an off shoot, she also made gowns for children who had to have repetitive surgeries and hence the 'medical' theme in the prints.  My daughter's cat was continually at the vet's, and had to be resuscitated once.  So I thought it an appropriate theme at the time.  My Grand Daughter has since taken possession of the quilt and the said cat remains in the U.K.!

Detail of hand quilted border.

This is very much a scrappy quilt - even the sashing was made from scraps.  I don't think I'd dream of joining such a small piece these days!

My daughter's favourite colour is purple, so lots of purple was added just for her.  I was surprised too, how nicely the dragonfly border worked overall.  I have a stash of dragonfly fabrics, just waiting to be created into a "just for me" quilt.

My First Ever English Paper Pieced and Tied Quilt.
This is the second quilt made from novelty prints bought at the Blue Gum Markets.
Below is the back of the quilt.  Nothing fancy.  The only fabrics I bought besides the novelty prints were the sashing, border and backing.  I used strips of leftovers to make the binding.  To tie the quilt I used primary colours Perle Cottons.

The quilt was a gift to our very first Grandnephew.

Charm Pack Quilt

This is not my design, but my Daughter's.  She had never made a quilt before, but with a little help from me, this it the result.  Again, tied.  Backed with flannelette.  Kept very simple because in effect, we were both learners!

Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

Very Hungry Caterpillar.  My first commission and now lives in England with baby Ethan.

Folded and ready to fly!

Baby Doll

Well this isn't  a quilt but I'm pretty proud of the doll I made my Grand Daughter for her 4th birthday.

50th Birthday Quilt

Quilt for my Sister's 50th Birthday 2011

50th Birthday Quilt #2

The above is also for my Sister's 50th Birthday, 2011...she is a twin to the other sister.

Dr Seuss Quilt #1

Faux Cathedral Window Baby Quilt 

For Baby Niece Jorja 2012

Zippered Pouches

Pouches off to Northern Australia for February/March/April birthdays

Dress For Our Grand Daughter

50th Birthday Quilt for My Baby Sister - 2012

My second quilt-as-you-go quilt.

More Gifts Off To Northern Australia

60th Birthday Quilt For My Sister

Guess How Much I Love You Quilt 

For Baby Niece Charlotte

Halloween Dress For Our Grand Daughter 2014

With Matching Draw-string Bag.


  1. Your quilts, table runner and handbag are so lovely. You are very talented!


    1. Thanks so much for visiting Lisa, and your lovely compliment. You have reminded me that I do need to update this page!

  2. Beautiful quilts. I admire the fact that you hand quilted. I machine quilt the items I make - potholder, oven gloves etc. I have 3 quilts that are still works in progress!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Robyn - unfortunately my machine and I have a love hate relationship and despite the fact that I rewarded myself with a swish sewing machine, I find I have more control over my work with hand quilting. I envy those who have mastered machine quilting!


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