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Saturday, 9 April 2011

MY COLLECTIONS: Religious Medals.

This is my collection of religious medals that began, unintentionally, when I made my first communion, in the Catholic church I think in 1959.  
I must admit, that most of these medals have been given to me by my mother, a devout Catholic, to this day.  
The St Christopher medal (the large one on the right) belonged to my Mother-In-Law (she passed away in 2007).  
Some of these medals I have picked up off the street, literally. The red one in the centre was a street find and I think it pictures Pope John XXXIII.
 I keep recent finds in a little heart shaped trinket box on my tallboy.
The uppermost one is my Confirmation medal.
The tiny one with a ribbon on it was given to my First Son at his birth, at St Margaret's Hospital for Women, Darlinghurst, by one of the nuns running the hospital at that time (1972). (Sadly, the hospital no longer exists).
I'm sure I have one for each of my four children born at the hospital...will have to round them up me thinks. (The medals, not the children!)

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