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Monday, 31 October 2016

Purple #2

I'm having a purple theme to celebrate my sister's second children's book launch,
Don't Forget Purple.

This year we have a lot of purple flowers in the garden, most of them native plants which seem to love the fact that we've thinned out the undergrowth from around the bush block we live on.
I suspect that they are receiving more sunlight.
Native Iris

Native Iris



Native Finger Lime

Golden Pod Peas/Snow Peas/Mangetout

The golden pod peas are doing really well and so far none of the native wildlife seem to have noticed it.  That or the high chicken wire shield I've erected is working, even though the plants have emerged out of the top of the netting.

And here is my sister's book, Don't Forget Purple in the bookshop window along with one of the bears I knitted.

The story is based on a real life event with real life characters.
Purple is my niece's bear, or should I say was!

Here is Purple Mk II.  The family found out the hard way that purple bears are not easy to come by!

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