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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

This Month In The Garden

A consequence of Autumn in the southern hemisphere is more time spent outdoors.  
The First Gerbera Of the Season
In Autumn, the earth takes a sigh of relief from the hot, humid, suffocating days of Summer.
Cactus Plants are at their best now.
Plants breath in the cooler air, soak up the gentler heat of the sun, draw up the moisture from the now damper soil.
Zygocactus Flower on a new plant growing from a cutting taken from one I inherited from my Mother-In-Law.
My Grand Daughter picked out this rose from our local hardware store.  Can't wait for these buds to open up.

This hanging garden was a Christmas gift from our neighbour.    I haven't had much luck with strawberry plants.
First my strawberry patch was taken over by the dichondra.
The netting over the original strawberry patch keeps out birds, wallabies and possum but then I found that the many skinks in the garden love strawberries too.  Hopefully the hanging 'garden', because of its location will be safe from all these predators!  Only time will tell.
Lemon grass cuttings have struck well.

Tiny cyclamen seeds which were sown by my Grand Daughter are just beginning to sprout.  These seedlings won't flower this year.

The seed for more cyclamen seedlings were sown a couple of months ago and are looking very impressive.

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