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Sunday, 24 February 2013

This Month In The Garden - February

With all the rain we've been having fungi are popping up all over the garden.
The one above is especially eye catching.

Here's a bird's eye view of a banksia flower.

The autumn crocus is right on cue.

The flowering echinacea (above) and the flowering ginger (below) have been bathing the garden with the most glorious perfume.

The vegetable section of the garden has produced almost zilch this summer...3 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, and I think that's it.
The herbs on the other hand are going beautifully.

My strawberry plants are looking very lush but alas, not flowers or fruit.

I think I need help with the vegetable patch.
I have asked for a consultation with a gardener but I'm not sure when this will be happening.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Time To Catch Up

I've been a bit lazy with my blogging lately.
So it's time for a very big catch up!

Because Second Son was visiting, on the 2nd of February we had an impromptu birthday 'cake' for Mr Honey Pie.

On his proper birthday I wrapped his gift in some of the marbled paper Miss Five and I had made here.
I think it looks quite impressive.

Miss Five, our Grand Daughter, had a sleep-over.

She loves books, especially old books.
Here she has set up her uncle's twenty five year old bears with a very grim Hans Anderson book from the 1920s.
This book is one of her favourite and when she asks me read her a tale from it, I have to tone it down heaps!

On his 'real' birthday, Mr Honey Pie got another cake - a proper cake this time, decorated by Miss Five.

The bower birds have returned to our garden and here is a bad attempt of a photograph. 
They are so elusive.  Their distinct whirring call is what alerts me to them but as soon as they spot me...they're off.

Then it was my turn for a birthday, and seeing it ends with a big "O" this year, I needed lots of help opening the huge present from all of my family.

After the birthday celebrations we had the obligatory 'girl' photograph.
Our family is big on girls and there are four generations in this photo. My oldest sister, who lives in Cairns, was unable to make it to Sydney.

Here are some yummy dishes I've been making with my new 'toy'-a Magi mix. Wow does it make life in the kitchen a breeze!
Above is a pumpkin bake,('cause we don't eat potato) followed by...

Pear and Almond Cake (gluten free and oh so yummy)...

Vegetarian (gluten free) pizza...

and last but not least...gluten free chai tea muffins.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Then It Started To Rain!

Remember this scary spider?
Well today was the day we took him off to Hawkesbury District Council so he could be sent off to Australian Reptile Park and milked for venom.  The venom is then used to make anti-venom.

The council's building is in a quaint little town called Windsor, which was settled in the late 1700s during the time of Governor Lachlan Macquarie's. Hence it is known as a Macquarie town.
On the banks of the Hawkesbury River, it was a vital settlement in the early days providing much needed locally produced food because food supplies from the mother country could not be relied on to arrive on time, or at all.
Architecturally it is important too, many of the buildings were designed by Francis Greenway. (A significant early architect who was an ex-convict).

Windsor also boasts Australia's oldest hotel, The Macquarie Arms.

After dropping off the spider, (where council staff ensured the spider was well secured.  Mr Honey Pie had to place a damp cotton ball into the jar and I'm sure some of the staff thought it would LEAP out of the jar but it didn't) we did a bit of sight-seeing and had a light lunch in the mall.

Then we visited Mr Honey Pie's sister who works in Windsor.

Australia's oldest hotel, the Macquarie Arms

Shops on the main street.

Loder House.

This little pier, on the Hawkesbury River at Windsor, was under water last week.
Back in the sixties this river used to flood regularly with most of the houses along The Terrace becoming inundated. 

Then it started rain!

Bucket loads.
So we drove home.


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