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Monday, 18 April 2011

Brag Monday.

I wanted to have something nice in the house to welcome home my Daughter and Grand Daughter after their U.K. holiday. (They're back in Sydney tomorrow-yipee!)
Does it always have to be a bouquet of flowers to brighten up things?  Well, no,not when you've got The Graphics Fairy.  Instead I printed and cut out some of my favourite graphics from Karen's blog.  Some of the graphics were made into heart or star shapes, using a template.  All the shapes were taped to a wooden skewer to make a different kind of bouquet. You can find the Butterflies here.
This bouquet would look just as lovely in a vase.  I've go them hanging in a sconce right by the front door.  It's been empty since Christmas, waiting for an inspiration.  Thanks again to Karen from The Graphics Fairy.  

I blogged these little cuties on Friday so you can read more about what I did with The Graphics Fairy's Spool Pets here.  
In the background are bagged mini chocolate eggs with Easter cards displayed on the front of the package.  Find out more in the Easter Preparation Blog as well.
Happy Week to you all.

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  1. Those little bunnies are just too cute!!!!

  2. I love the butterfly bouquet ! STUNNING - I am your # 2 follower. Please stop by an visit me too.

  3. Thanks for your comments! Annie, great to have you as a follower, unfortunately I can't view your blog..Blogger says: not available.


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