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Monday, 26 January 2015


If I could choose any car, any car at all...this is my number one car of choice...

Spotted at the Lady Luck Festival 2015.  Katoomba Street Katoomba.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Today, I got stung by a wasp.
The wasp literally attacked me.  I was in no way intimidating the wasps, which had built a paper nest right above my under-verandah clothes line. I had earlier inadvertently walked into a wasp and frenetically tried to brush it out of my hair. On my return to the same spot I got attacked from behind!  Luckily, the sting was through my shirt and I immediately took apis mellifica 6c and have had little reaction to the sting.
But what to do about the nest? Or should I say nests?  Three of them in fact. 
I know how beneficial wasps can be in the garden but left unchecked the growing wasp population in and around our verandah is getting a bit threatening.  Our Grand Daughter picked up on the first one last week. 
So tonight Mr HP tried a home natural home made insecticide to eliminate the three nests on our verandah.  

In 500 mls of warm water he added 60 mls liquid dish washing detergent and 30 drops peppermint essential  oil.  Decanted into a spray bottle, and waiting until dark the nests were sprayed with the insecticide with excellent results.  

Tomorrow night, he will check the nests and remove them if safe to do so. Ideally the nest should be burned.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Fly Lady Fly...

Have you heard about FlyLady? 
In desperation to get myself back on track, along with some herbal remedy to improve my very depressed mood, I've turned to FlyLady for assistance.
Yikes!  This morning I had to discard 27 items from my kitchen!  Do 27 pieces of paper from my mail holder count?  
Letting go is hard to do.

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