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Friday, 1 July 2011

Colourful Friday

I have linked this post, with a photograph of a potted gerbera which flowered last month to Daisy Quilts Colourful Friday, Red and Green Together.  Thanks Robyn for the challenge, would have been a great theme around Christmas!
I have had mixed success with the gerberas, the red one being the only one that flowered this year.


  1. All of our gerberas reverted to pale pink this year :o( I love your photo, it's gorgeous! toni xxx

  2. I love gerberas and this one is a gorgeous red.

  3. Oh yes Sweet Pea, this is a perfect red and green pic also!! Love the colours and yep, they are definitely very Christmassy :-)
    Happy Colourful Friday xx

  4. I love gerberas and yours is stunning.

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments. And yes this is a stunning red gerbera, unfortunately it spends most of the year being green! Toni, I've come to believe that gerberas are full of surprises, and I no longer have high expectations of them!

  6. This is a beautiful gerbera. Love it. Beautiful photo. I am pleased at least this one flowered for you!

  7. Like that...and a very well taken photo too! Good job

  8. I love Gerberas. I planted two this year and they are doing well so far.

  9. I think I've got it figured out with gerberas, the secret must be to plant many plants of the same variety AND colour if you want a mass of flowers. I say this because now that the red one above is well and truly dead and gone, I've got a yellow one just in bud.
    Then again, a potted single gerbera in flower is also stunning.
    Carol good luck with your new gerberas, thanks for dropping by.
    Thanks too, Tracey.


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