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Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I'm working on a scrappy quilt at the moment, made from small rectangles of fabrics left over from previous projects.
On the right you can see the completed animal quilt waiting for a label.

I love playing with colour when making a quilt.

Addiction or is it compulsion to group my pieces as completed is difficult to resist.
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  1. Fabulous colours. How wonderful.

  2. This looks so colourful,now big are you making this?
    Happy days.

  3. what a wonderful range of colours i can see you having a lot of fun with these,well done

  4. Love all the colors. Looking forward to seeing how it looks made up.

  5. What a lovely array of colour.

  6. They are really neat hexagons and fabulous colours.

  7. Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments! Bev C. I'm hoping to make it 46x66 inch! Ideally, it will have alternating rows of the long hexagons and equal sided smaller hexagons. I have made 150 of the long hexagons with about 240 to go and I need to make almost 300 of the smaller hexagons! I was going to make it a charm quilt...but maybe it will be a scrappy quilt instead. I know that in the past, charm quilts were made using up 1000 DIFFERENT fabrics...
    Of course this is a long term project, one to complete in front of the tv, at night. So Carol...you might be waiting some time to see the end result. Will post progress of course.

  8. Hi Sweet Pea, thanks for linking up to our Hexie colourful friday.
    Your hexies are lovely and your quilt will be stunning.
    Have you ever checked out the Great Hexagon Quilt-along blogs...there's lots to see there too.

  9. Thanks Robyn. I checked out your GHQalong blog and loved the post on A New Hexagon Project from May 2009. Def. given me a new perspective on hexagons! I must give the crosses a go. Will check out more of the GHQalong and of course the GHQalongtoo. Keep up the good work. (Check out this link to understand how much I appreciate blogs like these): http://lifeisapumpkin.blogspot.com/2011/04/together-we-quilt.html
    Sweet Pea.


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