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Saturday, 23 April 2011

If A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Life Is A Pea - 2011
...then why can't I paint the relief I feel today?
Almost thirty years of chronic back pain and then I walk past a new practitioner in Springwood, and, feeling desperate make an appointment.
How much lighter my body feels after my first session, which was this morning.  I couldn't wait until next Tuesday. Now I move without feeling fear of triggering irritable nerve responses all over my back to the point of wanting to shrink away from my own body.  
This is not pain that can be treated with pain killers.  For thirty years, I've listened to the prognosis of never being able to be completely healed, only that I would have to work hard at maintaining my condition.  
I'm hoping that I'm not being too optimistic but the way I feel today is positive.
I have an old injury, one I received at age six or seven.  So I have carried it for a long time.  
To have it explained to me that one holds one's body differently after an injury, to the point of causing pain and discomfort, and the need is to re-learn how to hold one's body correctly makes a lot of sense to me.

On another point, my Lenten abstinence ends today...I can tell you that I have lost four kilograms over the past five weeks.  I feel and look much better for it and this has inspired me to look at how I eat with more care.
Walking ever day has been encouraged to help my back so this should also help keep my weight under control.

Generally, I have been catching up with my Daughter and Grand Daughter who have returned from an overseas holiday and cooking up a storm  for tomorrow, Easter Sunday.  Extended family visiting for lunch.  

In Australia, we have a five day long weekend, because Monday 25th April is ANZAC Day.

Whatever you're doing this weekend...give it your best! 

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