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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Weekend Fare.

This weekend has been all about family and food.  After all, the two go hand in hand don't they?
The weekend food festival started Friday night with what should have been a failed ginger sponge.  After mis-reading the amount of golden syrup in the recipe some quick thinking converted the sponge to ginger cupcakes which turned out to be favourites...
Saturday lunch was a ploughman's lunch inspired by Friday night's Better Homes and Gardens on Channel Seven.
Feeling lazy on Saturday night was a good enough excuse to order take away...Thai (no less) complimented with a bottle of Tempus Two 2010 Moscato.
This morning's brunch consisted of bacon and eggs, sourdough bread, fried tomatoes  and salad greens, all purchased yesterday, at the markets.
Our youngest son and his girlfriend have just returned from a holiday to Ireland and came to visit us for the weekend, arriving in the mountains on Friday evening.
With them they brought a variety of fine fare from the Gaelic Isle, amongst other things.  I'm happy to report that there's lots of chocolate (my favourite food), some Mead (yet to be tested), a couple of beautiful framed photographs and a tea towel  embellished with the recipe for Soda Bread.
One special gift is a recipe book; A Year At Avoca : A Cookbook which is full of easy to follow formula for mouth watering meals.  Tonight I tried the Summer Traybaked Chicken, only because I had purchased a fresh chicken at the Growers' Markets in Penrith yesterday and I was feeling especially lazy (still).  The result was an amazing meal for very little effort.  The fact that I had used farm fresh produce only heightened the flavours of the meal.
A walk into Springwood, this afternoon, should have helped to burn off a few calories (I hope).

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