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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Total Fire Ban

Autumn is by far my most favourite season.
Today is officially the first day of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
I slept in this morning, I mean really slept in.  Usually I'm awake at some ungodly hour, and then drift off to sleep again to "oversleep", and I hate it when this happens.
But not this morning.  I genuinely slept in until about eight.  I heard nothing...no showers running, no grand child calling out to mum, and no bowerbirds calling.  A stiff breeze was billowing up the sliding door curtain.
The temperature in our room was quite cool, yet still comfortable.  Confusion is what hit me as I walked out through the bedroom door because I expected  the temperature to be cool in the hallway too.  It wasn't and I had to ask my daughter if that wind was hot or cold.
"Hot", she said, "I've had to close all the windows because it's so hot."
At 9.30 a.m. the temperature had reached 26oC.
As the morning worn on, I began to wonder why the bowerbirds hadn't woken me.  The offerings I'd left them yesterday are all still there, perhaps they hadn't visited this morning.  Nor have the lorikeets.  Perhaps the birds know something I don't.
A check of the weather forecast, on Google revealed a most unusual start to Autumn.  You can read about it  here.

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