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Thursday, 24 March 2011

tHiRsTy ThUrSdAy!

Autumn, has most suddenly and certainly arrived!  I'm feeling a definite nip in the air and me being the sensitive type, can feel that there is a change in the barometric pressure, causing me some vertigo this morning.
Starting Monday, the weather has been glorious; the humidity has dropped to around fifty percent, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and there is definitely movement in the air which is helping to dry out some damp and means I can now get my laundry up to date.  The constant rain and grey sky was beginning to get me down!
This morning I woke with a strong desire for fruit juice so out came my trusty juicer and I ended up with what you can see above; beetroot, apple and pear juice.  The pears made the drink nice and thick, the apples gave it a touch of sweetness and well...you can see what the beetroot has done!
Oh, and happy 137th birthday to Harry Houdini !
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