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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Irish Chain Quilt Top.

I am well on my way with a quilt (I mentioned in an earlier post ) for one of my Twin Sisters' fiftieth birthdays. I shall call her The Younger Twin.  The colours are not quite what I had in mind but I wanted blue to be the star colour in her quilt.  
As always, I never stick to the original pattern layout.  I didn't particularly like this layout either so I changed it to suit myself. Of course this means a nightmare job of rearranging blocks and then of course, I tend to change my mind halfway through the quilt anyway!!!  
So...I have three options to chose from 
This was my original option but I dislike quilt tops that draw your eye to the centre (unless it's an art quilt).  My preference is to take a little journey around the quilt, surveying the entire piece.
Option Two is a bit subtler in the centre, maybe too subtle?  It does strengthen the blue colours though.
I think Option Three is more balanced, the focus is still the centre yet the stronger reds and rusts draw the eye around the quilt.
Which would you choose?

And yes, I know, there are blocks missing...my next task.  This will also probably mean that once they're complete, I'll change my mind again...about the layout.  Hehe!

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