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Monday, 28 March 2011

This Lent Thing.

It's been almost three weeks since my Ash Wednesday post.
Without much fanfare, I decided back then, that I would give up chocolate for Lent.  I am very pleased to report that I have not had a scrap of that delicious food since.  Except before last Sunday, when we celebrated two birthdays at my sister's house. (Chocolate Birthday Cake.)
Also, I have given up sweets, deserts, snacks, coffee, ice cream...you get the (sugar/caffeine) idea.
My usual practice now is to have breakfast, usually a bowl of porridge, or toast with a cup of miso, nothing until lunch, when I have either a sandwich with a cup of tea, or miso and toast, plus a piece of fruit.  Then the next meal is dinner where I try to eat my fill, but no desserts or snacks until bed.
The first few days were painful.  I did tend to get hungry.  If I got so hungry that it became unbearable, I'd have five or six almonds or walnut halves.  I drank (and still drink) lots of water and hot herbal tea (more as an aid to help digestion).  I'm very strict with the almonds and walnuts...normally, if I feel peckish, I eat nuts...by the handful!  At night, in front of the TV, I drink tea and eat chocolate most nights.  If there's chocolate cake, I'll have it for morning and afternoon tea.  I'm not a coffee drinker but if I'm feeling a bit fuzzy headed in the morning (which has been almost every day for months now) I have an affogato, (an espresso coffee over two or three scoops of ice cream).
The first few days I felt a little off, and lacked energy. Then I began to notice that each morning I woke earlier than usual, feeling quite perky.
The fuzzy head I'd been suffering from the past few months had disappeared making it easier to concentrate.
And although my scales have nothing to report, I do believe that I'm beginning to loose some weight.  I can tell from how my clothes feel.
I'm amazed at how easy it has been to resist temptation for all the foods I've given up.
Occasionally though, I must confess, I do spend time daydreaming about what I'll be able to eat come Easter Sunday.  The thought is; will I want to?  We'll see.

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