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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Final Report.

Finally, TVHC quilt that I've been making for my daughter's future God son is complete. (Except for the label).

You can see my previous posts about this quilt here and here .
I'm very happy with the way the project has turned out.
I absolutely love the backing fabric and now so want to make a primary colour quilt.

Because of time constraints, I have machine quilted the single bed quilt - still I was at risk of going overboard with my quilting and had to restrain myself from machine quilting every square centimetre of the quilt!
What are little holes chewed by a hungry caterpillar good for?  Why to free motion machine quilt of course!
As I've mentioned before this is my third TVHC quilt.  Only recently the family was informed of yet another great grandson/nephew about to join the family.  This very much welcome newcomer due in August has an older brother how has received one of the aforementioned quilts so I asked his mum if she would like one to match or would she rather a surprise for his little brother.

Our expectant niece would prefer a surprise so a quick search on the WWW revealed some wonderful surprises.  Like this Dr Suess panel.  Now I just have to source it in Australia, otherwise - it might just be an overseas purchase!
In the meantime, previously mentioned projects remain untouched.  But something to look forward to blog about next is the first of the Twins' quilts.  Because I have made progress on that.

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