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Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet.

What a great day at my sister's house.
Great food, great company, relaxing.
So good to catch up with family, some of which I have not seen for over twelve months.
I made Black Forest Brownie Cake once again!  Actually, I made TWO for this weekend.  
Yesterday, we had a family catch-up with HIS family, and today, family catch-up with MY family.
So I really had no choice but to make two did I?
Are you getting the impression that I might be a chocoholic?
This beautiful rose is from my sister's garden.  She and her family are renting and their house has been sold.  In the next six weeks, they need to find a new house to rent...but with Sydney's rental market the way it is, they are not happy that they will find something in time.  I do feel for them.
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Beautiful, gentle Yoshi, chased a possum through my sister's house!  Thankfully all the guests had gone home by that time!  Bedlam prevailed, until my brave niece, with her father's help chased both dog and possum out of the house. Phew! 

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