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Friday, 11 March 2011

Return of the Satin Bowerbird

This morning the bower birds returned.  Well, they visited yesterday too but no decent photography was achieved.
Not that today's effort is much better.
My discovery is that the black Satin Bowerbird male is much more elusive than the female.
I am, too, very much an amateur photographer and at seven in the morning on an drizzly autumn day, the lighting certainly does not lend itself to photography.

Male Satin Bowerbird.
Female Satin Bowerbird.

Now this is where things get a bit confusing, because I have a feeling that the bird in the foreground is actually a male.
While selecting a blue object, he did do a little dance before what I'm presuming to be the female, waving his tale around.  But of course I'm no expert on the Satin Bower Bird, if you are, and you have any comments please feel free to educate me.
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So why are these birds visiting this particular spot?  There could easily have been twenty of them around this morning.  I have left some blue objects for them to take to decorate their bower with but they were attracted to this spot before I left them out for the birds.
Our neighbour, below us, has had a bit of a melt down since his estrangement with his partner and has left his usually manicured garden go to rack and ruin, literally. Solanaceae weed has infested his previously manicured  lawn and I can't help wondering if this is an attraction to the birds. Whatever the reason, I'm happy to have them visit.

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