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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Let's Have A Party!

In my possession, I have the most fabulous orange skirt.

Only problem is, I just don't know where to wear it!  Every time I pull it out of the wardrobe to don it, I change my mind. 
I cannot count the times I've been tempted to put it into the op-shop bag for donation.  Every time I do, I have a change of heart and put it back on to its coat-hanger and back into my wardrobe.

I'm afraid it's too ostentatious to wear to any outing I might be heading to. 
Often, I secretly plan a party inside my head,with a theme...yes, everyone must wear ORANGE, then I can get to wear my beautiful skirt!
Do you own such a garment?  Where have you worn it and were there any reactions?
I think I have worn this sequined skirt once...and I'd planned to wear it to a fiftieth birthday party many years ago, but ended up not going to the party, because I was ill.
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