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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Lazy Day.

Went to my little grand daughter's second ballet class this morning.  So cute. Four little girls, and one boy. 
Afterwards, I did a bit of shopping and then on returning home began preparing tonight's dinner - gluten free pizza.
I make a pizza which I call White Pizza.
I have eliminated any plant from the Solanaceae  family from my diet and therefore cannot have the regular pizza with tomato paste.
So on my pizza I have ricotta cheese, olives, roast zucchini, artichoke hearts, mozzarella cheese, herbs, (basil, marjoram, sage) mushrooms, pepper and olive oil.
Sometimes I add thinly sliced fennel to the mix.

A portion of the ricotta cheese is thinned with soy milk to a thick paste which I use in place of the tomato paste, spreading on the gluten free pizza base before adding the remaining ingredients. 
In the afternoon, I did some sewing on the curtains I'm making for the large sliding door in our dining room. 
And my little grand daughter had a play mate come and visit.
Here are the curtains, being pressed before measuring and pinning.
Since taking up patchwork and quilting classes, I have come to realise how much easier sewing can be, and how much more of a professional finish can be achieved simply by pressing as you work.

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