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Friday, 18 February 2011

Rainbow Lorikeets.

A pair of Rainbow Lorikeets, feeding on the deck.
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It's raining today...miserable drizzly rain.  I was hoping, when I woke this morning, that the mist outside my window was simply that, mist, and that by eleven it would clear and reveal a beautiful sunny day.
It seems, now, that it's not to be that way and the drizzle has set in. 
A load of laundry needs to be dried today...

The resident lorikeets have arrived for a bit of a feed.  It's so tempting to feed them every day and I try not to but when the weather is miserable my heart melts so I given in to their hanging about.
Lorikeets do not eat bird seed as such.  They love fruit and when I don't have a surplus of fruit they are fed a powdery wild bird mix.  A bowl of water is necessary with this type of feed.
In the wild lorikeets eat fruit (of course), and nectar.  They collect water from the leaves of plants.
The lorikeet is a parrot and its tongue is a bit like a straw, with which it sucks up its food.
They are very friendly birds and although they may make daily visits to our garden, there may also be many months where we don't see them at all!

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