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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


This wild passion fruit vine grew from seed, probably dropped by birds.  I let it grow, only because it looks lush, it will probably not grow edible fruit.



I have two compost bins always on the go.  They look like sentinels, standing guard at the fence.

Turning the compost as often as possible helps to cut down the process of composting.
I have been attempting to stir the heaps each day.  Obviously, one bin has been composting longer than the other and yesterday I was surprised to find that the long-standing heap was so warm that it gave off steam as I turned it.
This bin will be emptied out soon so that the family can have more space to compost the never ending food scraps from the kitchen.
Sometimes, smell can be a bit of problem.  To control this, some lime and soil, plus some 'brown' plant material (I use sugar cane mulch) is added to the bin and turned into the composting scraps to sweeten the heap.  Fresh herbs from the garden (when there is a surplus) are also added to condition the compost.
A worm farm and compost bins ensures we always have an abundance of natural fertilizer for the garden.
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