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Friday, 4 February 2011

I Sweltered, We All Sweltered.

What a day, unbelievably hot, my husband's birthday, and me experiencing a reluctance to know what is happening in Far North Queensland, after Cyclone Yasi passed through the area.
My sister and her family live in Cairns so it has been a pretty tense time for them and us also, waiting for an outcome.
The most damage they have had to endure to property is two panels of fencing blown down in the cyclonic winds.  This is twice now, that Cairns has been spared the eye of a cyclone.  How much damage has been done to the psyche of my family and others that have endured the wrath of both Cyclone Larry and Cyclone Yasi remains to be seen.
Last month we waited anxiously to hear from our long-time friends who, some years ago, relocated to Helidon, just outside Toowoomba.
Thankfully Helidon and our friends were spared the horrors experienced by Toowoomba and most of the Lockyer Valley.  I spoke to my friend this past Monday, and although he said everyone was fine, he spent quite some time reiterating his experiences of the 10th January.  I fear he may be suffering from some shock.

Today I have been flabbergasted by scenes, on television, of hectare after hectare of banana plantations literally wiped out in a matter of hours.
Hubby and I were in Innisfail last July, and to see how wonderfully the people of the area were finally getting back on their feet after Cyclone Larry was inspiring.  And now, this.  Although their buildings (extensively damaged in Cyclone Larry) are intact after Yasi, their lively hood has been swept out from under their feet once more.

It seemed strange to have to include a celebration into today's events...but such is life, and we enjoyed a birthday dinner at our favourite local restaurant, The Ori.

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