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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wash Day.

Woke this morning feeling like cr*p.  Feels like a head cold coming on.
Summoned  up enough energy to do some laundry, while the sun's shining.
This summer has certainly been one of extremes.  When the sun's come out it's been HOT.  When it hasn't, it's been WET.
It's not my common practise to take photographs of my laundry piles.  Neither is it common for me to sort into so many piles.  Usually I sort into lights/whites, darks, and hand-washing. For some strange reason, this morning I sorted into lights/whites, blacks, reds, and blue/greens. (As well as one load in the wash of mixed colours). Suddenly I was struck by the colours...perhaps there's beauty in everything.  Or, as the saying goes...'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.'
I might just add...it's not the laundry I find beautiful...just the colours!
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