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Sunday, 24 June 2012

It Feels Like My Blog Has Been Overtaken

Have any of you fellow bloggers had trouble opening up blogs lately?
Every time I try to open a blogger's page (including mine) I get a big red box with a cross inside telling me that this is a fraudulent web page and has been blocked.
I can continue to the page but this happens every time I attempt to open up a new page.

Is it an attempt by Norton's to get more business or do I need to change my settings perhaps?


  1. Yes i have been having problems as well Sweet Pea. Some days it works and sometimes not. Not sure what to do about it, cheers Ian

  2. Wish I could help - I am clueless when it comes to technology and the internet!! I know they do have forums at Blogger Help that may have anwswers - maybe try there? Good luck!! I haven't been posting lately - summer is a time mostly for the kids - me time is hard to come by!

  3. Okay, so maybe I've fixed it. Ran Norton's LiveUpdate and it seems to be working fine now! Fingers crossed.

  4. No haven't had any trouble opening blogs. Norton uses a lot of resources on your PC. You might want to rethink your anti virus software! LOL I use Webroot love it!!

    1. Yep, I think Norton is being over-eager. But I think it's fixed now that I've run LiveUpdate! But I've heard it's even blocked E-bay in its eagerness. Also deleted a spam message so that may have had something to do with it too. Just a little something to keep me on my toes.

  5. no problems opening this blog or any others. hope you get it fixed soon.

  6. Hi, I have had no problems but we do not use Nortons.
    I have visited your blog regularly with no problems.
    Thank-you for putting me on your lovely blog side bar list.
    It was such a thrill! I tried to do the same a few weeks
    back but with no luck. So I will try again soon.
    Have a lovely week, keep warm.
    Warm wishes from Darwin,
    xo Sue

  7. Glad to hear you've resolved these issues... This is why I left blogger... my friends couldn't open my blog at all and I was getting the same sorts of messages. Not nice!


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