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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 161/366

Here is another piece of my favourite silver that no longer gets used as much as it had been during the 1980s.
The Queen Anne piece, a sugar bowl with sugar spoon was given to me by my sister as a birthday gift.
Queen Anne silver plated pieces are usually tarnish resistant but I have to confess...I removed the tarnish resistant coating when I gave this piece a silver bath.
I'm not concerned though because I truly believe the resistant coating was not longer doing its job.

Back in the eighties I was an avid cook and one of my favourite things to make was Devonshire teas.
I loved baking scones and I had a favourite super easy recipe.
Instead of using the sugar bowl for sugar, when we had scones I'd use it for the strawberry jam.
Alas, scones are off the menu for me now, as over the years, I have discovered that I am wheat sensitive and unfortunately I have not as yet discovered a gluten free scone recipe to my liking.


  1. Another lovely tea time piece. It would be perfect for jam :)


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