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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 154/366

The first Saturday of each month means an early start to the day and a trip  to Penrith for the Hawkesbury Harvest grower's market.
I've transformed my in-season produce into a still life for you to enjoy.
Corella Pears, Persimmon and Red Delicious Apples are just a few of the items I purchased; along with a new African Violet plant.
I buy my fruit and veg. from Nashdale Fruit Co, my lamb and poultry from Drovers Choice and herbal teas from Neat Janes Teas.
I've also discovered that I can buy preservative free sausages from the market and plan to try them out next month; as I'd spent my allowance by the time I'd discovered them.
In a fortnight we will be off to the Glenbrook Rotary Markets.
The Glenbrook Markets are mostly craft markets with a little vintage, and yummy food thrown in.
Nashdale is a huge draw card at Glenbrook and I find that fortnight (roughly) visits is just right to keep us going with fresh fruit and vegetables.

I prefer to buy as much of our food from local growers to help support Australian farmers.  Much of what I buy from these markets is not only grown locally  but organically too.
Direct marketing ensures that the farmer - consumer benefits are maximised. 
And if you live in Australia, here is a 


  1. Great picture!! Yes to buy local!!

  2. Really love this wonderful still life and the produce looks fabulous!
    A great post... thanks!

  3. Good for you SP for supporting your local Farmers' Market. We don't but should, mainly because it's held on a Sunday morning, our sleep catch-up time! Must make the effort though - Dave

  4. A lovely arrangement of goodies :)


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