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Friday, 1 June 2012

Day 153/366

Valley Heights is a Railway Town and home to the Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum.
Before the museum, a ten bay roundhouse   existed on the site of the depot.
Mr Honey Pie did some relief work there in the seventies as a coach painter.  At the time we lived at Hazelbrook so it was nice and close to home, because normally he travelled to Eveleigh Workshops at Redfern.

When there is track work in progress in the lower mountains, much of the equipment is stored at Valley Heights.

Here are some portable night lights looking like an army of R2D2s

Because of the track work, trains will be replaced by buses over the weekend.

These photos were taken with my mobile phone camera, on my way to work, so not great quality I'm afraid.


  1. I like that you're taking photos on your travels and giving us a bit of a blurb... so interesting!

  2. They do look like R2D2's! Thank you for your interesting posts :)


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