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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 158/366

When you're feeling down,

...clean the silver.

I've never made a silver cleaning bath before; using washing soda and aluminium foil.
It caused quite a reaction...in more ways than one!

Here is my latest vintage china acquisition.
A fluted Wedgwood with gold trim.  
Very simple but elegant in its simplicity.
Mr Honey Pie said this is the masculine edition of the very feminine 
Royal Albert trio I blogged about recently.
I purchased this from my favourite vintage shop in Springwood:  Frou Frou, using a gift voucher my daughter gave me for mother's day.

Linking to Terri's & Martha's : Teacup Tuesday.


  1. Wow, Sweet Pea, the silver cleaning reaction looks a mad scientist experiment... fascinating! Were you happy with the results?
    Your teacup is lovely, so elegant.
    Hope you are feeling brighter. :)

    1. Yes, it reminded me of high school science! It works well, although some really heavily tarnished pieces needed two goes. I do wonder though, what effect is has on the silver long term. But some pieces were amazingly sparkling.

  2. Glad the silver bath worked!! Love the cup!!


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