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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 173/366

I didn't manage to take any photos today.
The weather was dreary, work is crazy, and I'm feeling down.
So here a photo of last night's sunset to cheer everybody up.
I took this out of our upstairs loft studio window as our little house sits on the side of a hill.  The sunsets have moved a bit to the north-west and there's no good vantage point from our verandah. 

This is an unedited photograph taken on a point and shoot camera.


  1. Breath taking! we often get sunsets like that and they look almost as if had enhanced the colours, so I'm glad you said yours was an unedited photo. No one could beat Mother Nature's pallet :-)

  2. I so agree Kath, this is only one of many amazing sunsets...all nature's doing!

  3. Absolutely beautiful and a real tonic for the soul. Hope you a feeling brighter :)

    1. Thanks Helen. Have to feel better with the weekend looming...it's been a crazy week!

  4. As you say it was a stunning sunset that day... simply gorgeous and such a beautiful shot D :-)
    Do hope you're feeling better today xx


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