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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 165/366

Blame it all on Venus.

I missed Venus' eclipse,  I worked that day, and it was cloudy in Sydney.  And of course one can't gaze at the sun without eye protection right? 
And ever since the eclipse funny little things have been going wrong; like my solar powered calculator which I've had for over twenty years and has been one of my most reliable apppliances began miscalculating.
Like my Excel spreadsheet at work refusing to expand its A to Z sorting application and so making my job tediously laborious.
Like the clutch on my car sticking ex-honourably.
Like my freezer defrosting without asking permission during the night.

Yes, I'm blaming it all on Venus.
(And what is this bag of mixed vegetables doing in my freezer? I NEVER buy frozen mixed vegetables.)


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