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Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 163/366

Once again, my daily photo challenge is suffering.
It's raining.  Heavy downpours have not been unusual.   
Mr Honey Pie is trying to catch up on some painting and decorating.
And to top off the Queen's Birthday holiday weekend we are being naughty and engaging in house hunting.
Over the past twenty years or so we have had a perpetual relationship with at least one real estate agent in our local area: Which can be either a bad thing or a good thing. I haven't decided yet.
My dream is to live within a short walk to Springwood village.
This may now be a possibility if we're willing to take the plunge.
We have already put in an offer for one house but lost it to a higher offer.
Now we have found a much more suitable house but we live in such a beautiful spot it's hard to let go.
The photograph above is just a fraction of what we see each time we look out a window.
We literally live in the tree tops amongst the birds.
Such a difficult decision.


  1. I know a little of what are you are feeling. I can't bear to look at photos of my old house, as it was so beautiful, but it's much more practical for us where we are now, a short walk from everything we need.
    You've obviously been putting a lot of thought into this move, I wish you all the best :-)

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Kath. The house we are after is now 'officially' on the market. We have to make a decision!

  2. I, too, have made a "practical" move from my dear New England. But, in the long run it is a good move for us as we get older. We may not have found our "final" destination - but we took the big plunge 2 years ago to move away from "home". It had it's ups and downs, but if you think with your head rather than your heart you will be ok!

  3. Laurie your comment has made me realise that out move shouldn't be so hard...we'd be moving about 3 km up the mountain. Lol! And I'm sure this won't be our final destination either. I just get too attached to our old home and worry that the new house it's just not the 'right' house.

  4. Good luck!!! Been rainy here too :(

  5. It's hard to leave somewhere you love, I understand how you feel.


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