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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day 159/366

I bought this mobile in 2010 when Mr Honey Pie & I visited Wyndham Western Australia.
Wyndham is Western Australia's most northern town.

The mobile is made from boab tree nuts which have been cut into two and carved and polished.

Boab trees can live for anything up to six thousand years.

While in Western Australia, we visited two boab trees which, in the past, were used as lock ups, for Indigenous Australian prisoners in transit. They are known infamously as Boab Prison Trees.
One is in Derby and the other in Wyndham.

One of these trees is said to have the ability to house up to ten people at a time.

How ironic that such a significant tree was put to such use.


  1. What an interesting story - imagine being captive within a tree! I love wind chimes - I bet these sound amazing! Great effect picture :)

  2. Not sure if my last comment made it as I am having Internet problems, so if not... Great photo and interesting information. Amazing that a tree could be used as a jail!


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