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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dr Seuss Quilt Top WIP

This has evolved into the above. Question is do I frame in red, yellow or blue?
My hand pieced quilt is being hand quilted and is now looking like this:
It is very much a scrappy quilt and I want it to have a cottage feel and look to it, so I've quilted the border free hand which hopefully will just give it that look.
In the middle of making two quilts for my Twin Sisters and two more for expectant nieces, I decided I really needed to start two more just for the fun of it!

The above quilt top is made from Moda French General charm pack and will be framed using a terracotta coloured sashing.  The border is yet to be decided.  The option is a French General floral or not.  That is, not if I use it to make a summer dress for my Grand Daughter (see the pattern below).

The above quilt is made from a collection of Japanese dragonfly themed fat quarters which I began collecting about five year ago.  My quarter inch seams are out even though I've been using a quarter inch foot, so each block needs to be trimmed 'cause they're not square!
I've also been knitting myself a mohair sweater, completed two pairs of newborn mittens, and thinking about knitting myself a lacy scarf. (Like I NEED another scarf.)
Half the windows in the house are screaming out for curtains or swags and I want to up-cycle some t-shirts into summer skirts for Grand Daughter.
Oh well...I'm bound to have more time to do all these things when I'm retired...but wait, I thought I was retired!!??!

I have linked this post to Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday # 34 Why don't you drop by and check out Lee's fresh looking Churn-dash?
Thanks Lee for the opportunity to share.


  1. I vote for red on your dr. seuss quilt.....wait, are we voting? Anyway, I really like your work and am particularly impressed with your hand pieced, hand quilted project!

  2. Your Dr. Seuss is great! Yes, I think red as well. And the French General is really nice!

  3. I vote red too. You are getting lots of sewing done! looks fab!
    Love Leanne

  4. You have been very busy, so many projects on the go, AND you are actually working on them, well done.
    Your hand quilting is lovely.
    A red border would be nice on the Dr Seuss quilt.
    I used to use my special 1/4 inch foot until I realised it didn't sew 1/4 inch. That's Pfaff for you.

  5. my little girl would love the cat in the hat quilt. I think it would be good to have some more red in it.

  6. Great Cat in the Hat center! I think a thin white, and then red (definitely would like red!) would be awesome.

  7. I like red; but I was thinking what might be really cute is if you could find a red and white stripe and run the stripe toward the quilt instead of alongside the quilt. I don't know if that makes sense but it would look sort of like the pink one I did here.
    Just a thought. I like the stripe because of his hat! I love your quilts!

  8. My vote's with Melinda's idea. A red and white stripe would fit right in with the whole "cat in the hat". Great idea Melinda. Love your quilt, can't wait to see it finished.

  9. I vote yellow on Dr. Seuss, and not just to be contrarian.

  10. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions & lovely commets. Keep them coming.
    ATM I'm wavering between yellow and the vertical red & white strip! And I haven't given up with the thin white line either! Will keep you posted.

  11. * I mean red & white sripe! LOL. :-)

  12. Maybe I should just give up while I'm ahead? I mean red & white stripe!!!!!

  13. I vote to frame the wonderful Dr. Seuss quilt in red, it is great fun!


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