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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Finished - Dr Seuss.

Some tying and some machine quilting.
Because it's only a cot quilt I felt comfortable machine quilting with the walking foot.
I failed at my attempt to free motion quilt so gave that up very early into the attempt, hence the tying.

Quilt Front.

Quilt Back.

Quilt Label. 
(Waiting for information to be written onto and then sewn onto quilt.)

By the way...Baby has arrived (two weeks early) but that's another post!

This quilt top was made from a panel.  
This panel is not for the faint hearted.
Don't be fooled into believing that it's a panel you can take home, cut out, add a border to and machine quilt around the frames.
It's not...for a start the panel is designed in a landscape layout.
The blocks are not equally sized...not even the ones that look they might be.
It's a challenging panel but I'm pleased with the end result.
Dr. Seuss Quilt Number Two will look quite different to Dr Seuss Quilt Number One!

Besides a birth, we've also had a loss, so things have been a little out of whack in the household.
Except for my pink mohair sweater no progress has been made on anything else.
Redecorating has stalled too and all I've managed to do on that front is empty out the study.
I'm linking this post up to Lee's WIP Wednesday # 38 at Freshly Pieced.  Do drop by and visit Lee and catch up on what she and her followers have been up to this past week.


  1. So love the quilt! Congrats on the addition, and my sympathies on the loss. Sounds like you have had a lot of life going on right now. Don't forget to just take a breather.

  2. The quilt has turned out wonderful!
    Life sounds very full at your place. (hugs)
    Love Leanne

  3. #2 Dr Seuss Quilt well on it's way!

    Thanks everyone for the comforting words. It has been chaotic at our house but somehow we find the backbone to get through it all.


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