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Sunday, 14 August 2011

What Are You Eating?

Leanne at Cottage Tails blog spot has shared this link with her readers: Food Fears from Jim Long's Garden Blog.
I think it's well worth a read.
I support Australian Farmers by shopping at growers' markets every fortnight and buy organic whenever it's available and if the price is not exorbitant.
I would love to grow my own food but this is proving to be a challenge on our sandy and rocky bush block.
Organic food is not necessarily expensive, especially if purchased at Growers' Markets.
You can read my post about how I paid double the price for conventional parsnips at my local supermarket as opposed to the organic ones pictured above - here.
In our home, certain brands are boycotted on ethical grounds.  This can sometimes make things difficult, especially when one manufacturer buys out other brands.
With one particular product I use all the 'brands' available in my supermarket are produced by the one company which I've boycotted.
What to do? What to do?
Eventually I found one in Aldi that wasn't.  
Otherwise, I guess I'd have to go without.
But it's not convenient for me to shop at Aldi so I have to plan ahead.
People in our society can sometimes complain about things happening in their local area.
I believe that if we vote with our feet(i.e. don't buy, don't visit, don't support, don't walk through that door), then we'll get the message across.
At our local shopping centre there has been a lot of opposition to the opening of a Dan Murphy (owned by Woolworths) Liquor Store. This store will definitely undercut our local liquor store and some people believe that this will see an increase in unruly behaviour on our streets after dark.
I say, don't buy there, don't walk over that threshold and they'll soon get the message that they're not welcome in our suburb. 
But of course this won't happen because really, the majority will only think of their hip pocket.
With Monsanto, well, I think this is a more difficult scenario to crack.

But if we all spread the word perhaps we can move mountains.

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