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Monday, 29 August 2011

Sunsets Over The Beaches.

Milestone at Watson's Bay.
To celebrate our August birthdays, the extended family meet at Watson's Bay for a lunch of fish and chips from Doyles On The Wharf.
Even though the weather was almost perfect, we had a little trouble lighting the birthday candles on the cake.

Fancy Picnic Tables at the park.
Lots of  sand play took place.

Second Son is trying to do his bit for the planet and rode his bike from Sydney's inner west, about a fifty minute ride to Watson's Bay.
At the end of the day we were treated to a spectacular sunset over the bay.
Sydney sky scape at sunset from Watson's Bay.
The Birthday Build-up:
Grand Daughter bought her mum a garden rake!
Breville came from Youngest Son.

Our birthdays ALWAYS entail more than one birthday cake for each birthday!
This is Grand Daughter's handmade card for her Uncle.  She is three years old.
Can you see the crocodile head she made as well?  It's attached to the top of the card.
Her own creation.
This is the first year that our Grand Daughter has truly understood the concept of birthdays.
She was so excited on her Mum's birthday that we had to decorate the dining room with balloons and streamers.
It was quite impromptu!  
Everyone had to don birthday hats too.
Her birthday is in October and she is so looking forward to it.
That's it for August...Next round of birthdays is of course in September.
We're planning to have a big celebration for our Niece who turns a grand five years of age at you guessed it...Watson's Bay.
It's a themed birthday  so I'll be posting some fun photographs to share.
Here's hoping that you all had a wonderful weekend.
How does your family celebrate special occasions, especially birthdays?  

Gift wrapped garden rake.

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