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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Banana Republic.

A recent Irish visitor to our home remarked how astonished he is at the price of bananas in Australia.
I had to explain to him (least he thinks that's how expensive they are ALL the time) that recent extreme weather events have all but destroyed banana crops along the northern east coast of Australia.
At the moment, in the supermarkets, bananas are selling for anything from $13 to $18 a kilogram.
Recently Australian Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, tried to blame the price of bananas for the rise of inflation.
Should he have not blamed parsnips as well?
Day before yesterday, I purchased, from my local supermarket, ONE parsnip.  I repeat ONE parsnip.  Cost? $5.78.
Yes, ONE parsnip for $5.78.
(The last time I purchase bananas, I paid almost $9.00 for three bananas.)
I wanted one parsnip for dinner and I never thought to check out the price as I picked up that one lucky parsnip, that is, not until the girl at the cash register asked me for an exorbitant amount of money for my three paltry pieces of vegetables.
To rub salt into the wound, I drove up to the Blue Mountains Food Co-operative yesterday and found organic parsnips there for $7.90 a kilogram.  Hmmmm...
I bought MANY!


  1. that's crazy.. for a parsnip! I've done that once with grapes (when I was younger, and never looked at prices much). Took my bag of grapes up to pay and it was almost $25! Bananas in Brissie at the moment are about $14/kilo and they are one of the only fruits one of my girls really likes to eat!

  2. Anna, we live & learn!
    Bananas are a very versatile fruit and great for kids. My sympathy to all those parents who have to deny their kids this great food. And it's difficult for those who can't do without!
    My SIL lives in Grafton and recently brought bananas with her to Sydney, picking them up for about $5 a kilo from a roadside stall.
    Sometimes I buy 1 for my GD as a treat. (Usually cost around $3).
    On the positive side, we are lucky, such a great variety of fruit all year round.


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