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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The "C" Word.

Lately, the "C" word has been bandied around by family and friends a little too much for my liking.
My Mum and my dear neighbour are both currently being treated for breast cancer.  
One of my cousins, who is only in his mid fifties has lung cancer and I visited him in hospital only last week where he was recovering from a lung collapse.
So you can imagine my anxiety when our GP called me on the telephone last night (he never calls!) to talk to me about a chest x-ray I'd had on Monday.
Having completely forgotten about a lesion on my lung that was picked up by an x-ray in 2009 it was a bit of a shock to hear my doctor's voice.  
Well the good news is that I took those old films to the radiologist this morning so that they could be compared with the new films,for any changes,and I don't need to have a follow-up CT Scan.  
I see my GP again next Tuesday for a Lung Function Test so I can rest a little easier until then.
As I'm writing this, my Doctor telephoned to reiterate what I was told by the Radiologist this morning.
I just can't seem to shake this cough and wheeziness since having the 'flu early in June.  I've had to stop the antibiotics I was prescribed because of the severe side effects.
A puffer is giving me some relief but that too is now giving me some weird side effects.
I guess it's easy to over react initially, but because my Dad lost his life to Mesothelioma in 1998, I tend to get a little paranoid about these things.
I've got a mammogram coming up soon too...after the last one I needed a biopsy so I'm hoping no changes there.


  1. It's true nothing conjures up fear quicker than the 'c' word!!! Lucky you had the previous tests for comparison.
    I've been seeing a breast surgeon since last November following up on lots of breast cysts & 2 weeks ago a core biopsy of a lump. All clear, but it's just part of an ongoing series of checks isn't it? Mammograms & ultrasounds plus breast checks, pap smears every 2 years & for me a colonoscopy now every 5 years. I know we're lucky to have all this technology but you still feel anxious each time.
    Hopefully some warm weather will see your chest problems improve.

  2. Jan, my chest has improved considerably after seeing my Bowen therapist last week, she did some asthma 'moves' for me and haven't had to use puffer since then. Thanks for your concern.
    Hope all goes well for you...I think waiting for results can be very stressful.
    My observation is that society is yet to adjust to the impact of technology and how we live with the stress of knowing and not knowing all at the same time.
    We've yet to learn to accept all these's medical interventions as a regular part of our daily lives, as I'm sure they will be in the future.
    All the best.


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