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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Guest Bedroom Progress

It's been a busy week.
Managed to get most of the guest bedroom complete.  
Still need to get a bedside table lamp, a new floor rug and I would like to make some bunting for the blue wall.
The pleated blind is waiting to go to the cleaners so had to make do with the roller shutter for this photograph.
A new patchwork quilt would be nice too!

In this corner I plan to put a small desk which is waiting for a renovation.
The cushion cover is a crocheted cover that I picked up from Frou Frou during a sale...just because I liked the look of it.
The framed embroidery is one I completed in 1997 and has been in hiding a good part of the time since then.

The Bears belong to Youngest Son (who is now 24 year old).
I couldn't resist making new clothes for this one - I knitted a little top and made a pair of bloomers for it.  Grand Daughter loved it and spent hours dressing and undressing both the bears.
In the background are more beautiful lace pillow slips from Frou Frou.

Art works are by Lindy Longhurst. I love Lindy's work and the larger one was one of her first pieces.
They were in the master bedroom but I'm feeling that it's time for them to move on.  I didn't really want to part with them and I think they suit the guest room perfectly.
Still a lot of work to do but I'm feeling very satisfied with how things are turning out.
The room now makes the rest of the house look so dreary that it has urged me on to start on the next room - The Study!

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