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Friday, 26 August 2011

What I'm Reading ATM

My local library has not been able to fulfil my book requests for Poor Man's Orange (Ruth Park) and Washerwoman's Dream (Hilarie Lindsay) so in a bit of a rush I picked up a novel by Sandjida O'Connell titled The Naked Name of Love.

An easy read, of sorts, I found the vocabulary of the first two parts (of three), a bit contrived. A pity really, since the story line does hold the reader's interest.

If only O'Connor could have written the first two thirds of the novel with the same skill that was able to arouse strong feelings and compassion for the characters used in the final third of the book.

There are the usual human struggles centred around loss, personal achievement, East meets West, unrequited love, good and evil, and clashes between religions and cultures.

With the story set in Mongolia, an unusual setting is provided for the Western reader.

Visually, I think this would make a spectacular movie...romance, breathtaking scenery, battles, bloodshed and tragedy all with an underlying theme of Darwinian Theory.

If one can get past the semantics, I think this is a good read, final pages are tear jerkers.

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