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Saturday, 30 July 2011

This Month In The Garden.

After a brief absence the Bronze Wing Pigeon is back but is not allowing me to photograph it even though it's not at all shy. 
Broadbeans, strawberries, tomatoes - all doing well and setting fruit despite the wild weather we've had recently.
Most of the herbs have barely survived the cold snaps and I'm sorely missing them especially the sage.  I couldn't help myself this week and bought a measly bunch for $1.99 to add to a soup I made.
I have two zygocactus (both inherited from my MIL) and I always thought they were both the same.
They are not, this one, which flowers later than the other has a much deeper pink flower.
The Rhodanthe has burst forth with paper white flowers.
Initially I purchased twenty two of these plants - only two (and a half survived)!

I've wished for a white violet for a couple of years now, this one popped up on its own!  
I'm assuming that the regular violet growing close by may have mutated.
A busy bee - the flower is a Boronia? Crowea? Wax Flower? If you know then let me know!
The appearance of these little native pea flowers are a sure sign that spring is not far off.
Our mulberry tree is a weed.
It self-sowed in the most inappropriate spot in the garden between two rocks, beneath a couple of Banksia trees and right next to a thoroughfare.
It has to go. Each year I tell myself I will take a cutting and plant it in a more favourable spot in the garden.
But then we got our Grand Daughter some silkworms and I haven't even pruned the tree this year so we can have sufficient leaves to feed them. (That is if the eggs hatch).
She can't have pets because she lives in a rental and found the silk worms fascinating.
This year the tree is smothered in fruit.  This is a sure sign that there will be a battle between humans, birds and possums!

A Silver Eye enjoying a bath.

Another feathered visitor waiting a turn in the bird bath.
This sandstone retaining wall, which I built some years ago, has a nice growth of moss on it now.
Our garden has an abundance of what builders call 'floaters'. Their presence put a restriction (among others) on the building footprint.


  1. Hi, Thanks so much for the beautiful photos of your garden getting ready for Spring. The bird pics are great!
    xo Sue

  2. Thanks Sue. Australia has a lot to offer in the way of flora and fauna, wouldn't you agree?
    Best of luck in your new home, I envy you...it's less than 13oC here tonight! I think the south east is in for a 2nd winter. (:-(


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