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Friday, 15 July 2011

Colourful Friday

¬in not so obvious places¬

A middle-eastern rug

And another.
In the edge of a crocheted doily. 

Another rug.

A favourite etching.

And a second favourite etching.

I love collecting lacy handkerchiefs.
A sun-catcher at the verandah door.

And another.

Thanks to Robyn G @ Daisy Quilts for hosting
Colourful Friday-Triangles.
Drop by and visit her here.

Hope you all have a happy and safe weekend.


  1. Oh I love how you've looked 'into' things to find triangles!! Fantastic and a wonderfully varied collection.
    Happy Colourful Friday xx

  2. Some different triangles to see ... very clever.
    I love your lace hanky collection.

  3. Very pretty & delicate crocheted triangles....great finds!

  4. Lovely rugs - gorgeous colours and patterns. And the lacy handkerchiefs are so pretty. Love the glass, too. Some great finds!

  5. You have really opened your eyes, good work Tracey

  6. Great photos! I didn't even think of looking at my rug! I like your handkerchiefs also!

  7. I love them all especially the lace hankies and the rug is great. Well done!

  8. Gorgeous close up looks on everything. Different, fun, perspective.

  9. Thanks everyone for dropping by. It was fun to see everybody's take on triangles! Who said geometry couldn't be fun? Thanks Robyn for hosting!


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